Writers Gonna Write…


So here’s my dirty little secret (don’t cover your eyes; it’s G-rated): I LOVE words. Like, I love them. I love them, I love them, I love them. I love to say them, I love to type them, I LOVE to write them in neat print (or curly cursive, or big bubble letters), and I absolutely love to learn new ones. I just eat that verbal stuff up. So when I became frustrated with facebook, and my mom suggested that I create a blog, it piqued my interest. I have created blogs before, but honestly figured no one cared what I had to say, so there seemed no point in continuing with them. Still, I itch to write. No, I long to write. I NEED to write.

When I was a kid, I wrote all the time: songs, stories, poems; anything and everything I could think of. I would write about my own dreams, heartaches, and fantasies. I’m not really sure why I stopped. Looking back, I think it had something to do with the fact that the dreams and fantasies faded as the heartaches temporarily took over. And the heartaches? Well, they hurt so much, I didn’t have the energy to relive them on paper. As time went on, I found joy again and found new dreams, and I even began a few writing projects; but writing seemed like a childish use of my time…I mean, I couldn’t actually make a career of it, right? Things like that didn’t happen to small-town girls from West Texas. I gave up… and I became a frustrated writer.

And. I . Am. Tired. Of. It.

Soooo, tonight when my fingers itched to tickle the computer keyboard, I decided, what the heck? If I don’t get a million views,  sell a million copies or make a million dollars, at least I will be happier and will be doing something that part of me has always been meant to do…maybe I’m not meant to do it for the benefit of the masses, but for my own peace of mind.

Of course, my decision to write begged the question: what to write about? Hmmm.

Well, as I mentioned, I love words. I also love theatre. I love my family, obviously. I love Jesus. I love tradition. I love silly TV shows and movies. I love girly things. I love innovative and quirky ideas. I love being a mom. I love teaching. I love Texas and being American. I love so very many things, and these greater and lesser loves of my life occupy my mind constantly, swirling around in a frenzied, flashing, fluffy pink mass of crazy.  It seems logical to write from what is inside me, so I am going to blog about all of these, my favorite things, and put the fluff on (virtual) paper.

If you are reading this, hope you enjoy. Much love and many thanks.

And thanks, Mom, for encouraging me to find my voice again.


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